2016 SCUF Conference

Prospective Applicants Registration

Use this page to create a new Applicant user account. After creating your account, you will be able to complete your Online Application and apply to the Fellowship Programs listed on our site.

EUSFellowships.com enforces a "no offer" date of November 16th at 10AM for Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship positions. All applicants should expect to receive offers from Programs after November 16th at 10AM EST.

SCUF Offer Day Professional Expectations

Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship programs registered on the EUSfellowships.com website have all agreed that no applicant will be offered a fellowship position until Offer Day November 16th, 2017 at 10A EST. This agreement allows applicants to interview without unnecessary pressure and allows Fellowship Directors to meet the full breadth of interested applicants. This agreement improves professionalism, fairness, and only works because all agree to these Professional Expectations.

Just as there are Professional Expectations of Fellowship Directors and applicants for behavior prior to Offer Day, there are also Professional Expectations after Offer Day.

- Once an applicant gives a verbal agreement to accept a fellowship offer at a program then a match is made and should be viewed as binding.
- Any fellowship program that attempts to attract a matched candidate away from another institution will be subject to review by the SCUF Board.
- Any fellowship program that drops a candidate after a verbal match had been made and is will be subject to review by the SCUF Board.
- Consequences of these actions may include being removed from the EUSfellowships website for a term set by the SCUF Board.
- Similarly, applicants who accept an offer at a fellowship program are expected to stay with that match. Rescinding on the offer agreement is likewise viewed negatively by our clinical ultrasound community.

In addition this year the EUSfellowships Board of Directors instituted a small application fee. The fee will be $25 for up to 8 programs and then and additional $5 fee for each additional program.
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