2018 SCUF Conference

History of Clinician Performed Ultrasound Fellowships

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowships, or Clinician performed ultrasound fellowships as they are now known started in the late 1990s in Chicago at Christ Hospital. Those first fellows are now leaders in this field. We have grown from a single fellowship to over 100 fellowships across North America.

Who is SCUF?

The Society for Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships (SCUF) started as EUSFellowships in the spring of 2008 to support transparency and quality in Fellowships in Emergency Medicine focusing on clinician performed ultrasound. As a non-profit organization we balance the needs of the fellowship community including, fellowship programs, fellows and applicants. Our mission is to grow the Clinician Performed Ultrasound community, support collaboration and foster advanced training through one and two year fellowships.

John Bailitz MD
Society for Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships President