2018 SCUF Conference

About Emergency Ultrasound

Emergency Ultrasound describes clinician performed, bedside ultrasound targeted at specific clinical questions. The field began in the 1980’s in Germany and has spread to many specialties in the house of medicine. Disagreements between specialties had hampered the spread of Emergency Ultrasound but a number of resolutions by the American Medical Association have strengthened the position that any specialty can use ultrasound for the improvement of patient care. Emergency medicine has embraced this new specialty and gone as far as to require all residents to be competent in emergency ultrasound.

The first fellowship was started in Chicago Illinois in 1997. At this time Emergency Ultrasound was in its infancy and was limited to a small number of ultrasound protocols. Now, with over 25 fellowships, Emergency Ultrasound fellowships are an established post-graduate training pathway. Emergency Ultrasound fellows are highly desired in both academic and community emergency departments. Ultrasound protocols range from Trauma evaluations to Gallbladders to Ultrasound guided procedures like central lines and nerve blocks. Current fellows graduate with a wide range of skills and the capability of running both clinical and academic ultrasound programs.