Kaiser Permanente - San Diego Medical Center

Program Description

Type of Program

Large community-academic hybrid ER with over 120K annual visits per year and 3-year emergency medicine residency.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Emergency Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

3 full-time EUS-fellowship trained faculty with several part-time EUS-fellowship trained part-time faculty

Notable Faculty

Dasia Esener, MD (Fellowship Director)
Gabe Rose, DO
Eric Abrams, MD
Michael Griesinger, MD (part-time faculty)
Bryan Dalla Betta, DO (part-time faculty)
Peter McCorkell, MD (part-time faculty)

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Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Initially the curriculum will be designed to provide advancement of basic ultrasound skills learned throughout residency. This will be done through lectures and scan review with EUS faculty.

The art of teaching ultrasound is one of the most important skills taught during the fellowship. This will be done through involvement in giving lectures/didactics as well as participating in hands-on and bedside teaching.

Later in the fellowship, program development and management will be learned through didactics, scan review and involvement in managing the ultrasound program.

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Other Information

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