Christiana Care Health System

Program Description

Type of Program

The CCHS Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship is a one-year post residency non-ACGME accredited fellowship based between Christiana Care Health Systems and Doctors for Emergency Service.

Fellowship Highlights
Two Hospital System (Christiana/Wilmington Hospital)
One free standing ED (Middletown)
>180,000 ED Patient Visits per year
3,000 Level 1 (Adult and Pediatric traumas/year)
>7,000 births/year
11 Ultrasound Systems with > 10,000 EUS/year
Dynamic Video/Digital
Digital archiving
QPathE for quality assurance and education
Billing for EUS studies (dedicated cost-center)
Full-time EUS Program assistant
5 full time EM research nurses
Dedicated EUS Program/Fellowship Offices
Generous salary and benefits
Robust EUS research program

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Section of Emergency Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine. Additionally we maintain our own cost center.

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

>60 faculty credentialed in multiple applications

Notable Faculty

Jennifer T. Mink MD RDMS (Fellowship Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Associate Director of Emergency Ultrasound)
Jason T Nomura MD RDMS (Institutional Director of POCUS, Associate Fellowship Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Director of EM Research)
John Powell MD RDMS (EM Department Chair, Core US Faculty)
Ashley Panicker MD (Assistant Director of Emergency Ultrasound)
Justin Stowens MD RDMS (APD EM Residency, Core US Faculty)
Laurie Branner (EUS Program Administrative Assistant)

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Integrated into the CCHS EM residency program since 1990, Emergency Ultrasound training at Christiana Care is among the most expansive, innovative and recognized among emergency medicine residency programs as well as the field of medicine today. The unique high volume, private group practice setting, ultrasound diagnosable pathology, research productivity, and hospital wide recognition and respect of bedside, point of care ultrasound places affords our fellowship graduates a premier experience in ultrasound training, research and education.

Educational Activities

Didactics: Fellow lectures from the director, journal club, Quarterly department EUS reviews, weekly Tape/DVD video case reviews, ultrasound block didactic lecture development, PGY1 interdepartmental introductory EUS course.

Experiential: Hands-on scanning shifts, ultrasound simulation center training, Echo/Vasc/OR/ICU/SCCU/VIR scanning opportunities, EUS program QA/QI/billing coding review, assist in ED department monthly EUS reports.

"EUS Program within a Program" Experience:
Fellows during the last 6 months perform independent tape review/oversight/QA/QI of one of our ED cores. During this time the fellows select a faculty member they will mentor, train and get that faculty member credentialed in the life saving and time saving applications.

Supervisory: Provide multi-specialty resident, faculty, medical student and nursing education (EM/IM/Surg/CC), Supervise PGY1 ultrasound rotation, Assist in program administration (QA/QI), Assist in program budget, asset purchasing, documentation, billing/coding and CMS compliance.

Research: Develop, perform, and supervise EUS research. Mentor resident EUS research projects. Attend departmental research meetings.

Do you bill for ultrasounds?

Yes, All credentialed ultrasounds are documented, uploaded to a PACS. Billing for procedural and diagnostic US are handled by different pathways for billing.

Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

No, not for ultrasounds performed by credentialed staff and fellows

Other Information

Our section performs over 10,000 scans per year. We provide education on emergency/point-of-care ultrasound to other Residency and Fellowship programs, departments, specialties, and professions in our healthcare system.