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Program Description

Type of Program

The University of Michigan Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography (AEMUS) Fellowship is a one-year post-graduate position for emergency medicine residency graduates. Graduates from both three- and four-year residency programs will be accepted. Fellows will be hired as Clinical Instructors at Michigan Medicine.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Division within the Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

5 core faculty plus multiple adjunct faculty

Notable Faculty

Ryan Tucker, M.D. (AEMUS Fellowship Director)
Rob Huang, M.D. (Ultrasound Division Education Lead)
Nik Theyyunni, M.D. (Ultrasound Division Chief)
Chris Fung, M.D. (Director of Ultrasound Research)
Helena Wang-Flores (Director of PEM Ultrasound)

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Clinical Ultrasonography

By the end of fellowship, the AEMUS Fellow will need to complete 1000 clinical ultrasound scans with particular focus to the core scans mentioned in the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council Program Requirements (trans-abdominal and endovaginal pelvic, abdominal aorta, echocardiography, hepatobiliary, renal, vascular, soft tissue, musculoskeletal, lung, airway, ocular, bowel, male genitourinary, and procedural). The AEMUS Fellow will be expected to achieve mastery of the above as well as considerable proficiency in a variety of other advanced modalities.

To assist with this process, the fellow will receive teaching from ultrasound faculty in the form of both a weekly lecture series and hands-on scanning of both models and emergency department patients.

Education and Teaching

The AEMUS fellow will take a key role in the education of both junior and senior emergency medicine residents, off-service residents and fellows, and medical students and will provide an adjunctive role in the education of other fellows as well as advanced ultrasound track residents and emergency medicine faculty.

Each AEMUS fellow is expected to be involved in the following didactic activities:
- Presentations/small groups/ultrasound sessions during the residency didactic conference
- Presentations at weekly Ultrasound Didactics
- Ultrasound presentations at weekly PEM Fellow conference
- Participate in medical student ultrasound educational sessions
- Participate in institutional SonoWars
- Participate in the medical student ultrasound clinical elective

The fellow will also play an active role in the intern ultrasound bootcamp, medical student ultrasound labs, and other special events held during the year.

In addition, each AEMUS fellow will be expected to choose an educational area in which to take ownership and to, with assistance of faculty, develop curriculum, teach content, and review methods for evaluation and assessment.

Administrative Leadership

The AEMUS fellow will be expected to take an active role within the clinical ultrasound division at UMHS and will be expected to gain exposure to and be actively involved with equipment purchasing and maintenance, ultrasound billing and coding, networking between departments, writing/revising ultrasound protocols, and ultrasound privileging. Fellows will be expected to take lead on at least one administrative project during the course of the year, either in the form of heading up a particular project or acting as a point person for an ongoing group or committee.

In addition, the fellow will take an active role in Quality Assurance (QA) of the ultrasound images obtained in the department. QA will occur with oversight by the ultrasound director and ultrasound fellowship director. We perform QA on a daily basis. The fellow will be expected to do an average of seven QA days per month.

The fellow will be expected to attend ultrasound division meetings, ultrasound operations meetings, and ultrasound billing meetings, in order to assist with the overall management of the ultrasound program.

Additionally, each AEMUS fellow will have a domain of administrative excellence to take lead on, in conjunction with faculty mentorship.

Research and Scientific Discovery

The AEMUS fellow will be expected to participate in ultrasound-related research activities during the fellowship years. The fellow is expected to participate in research of sufficient quality that will lead to either an abstract and national presentation or peer-reviewed publication. The fellow will participate in at least two distinct research projects. They will be expected to take the lead in one of these research projects over the course of the year.


The AEMUS fellow will be expected to get involved with the greater clinical ultrasound community on an interdepartmental, regional or national level. The AEMUS fellow will be expected to attend the annual ACEP Scientific Assembly as well as at least one other ultrasound related conference (SAEM is strongly encouraged) and to be an active part of the regional or national ultrasound community. In addition, attendance at the SCUF conference is encouraged.

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