Univ. of Ca., San Diego/Rady Children's Hospital (Peds US)

Program Description

Type of Program

Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

The Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship is under the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:


Notable Faculty

Department of Pediatrics

Atim Uya, M.D.
Director, Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Kathleen Smith, M.D.
Associate Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Mylinh Nguyen, M.D.
Co-assistant director, Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound Program

Kathryn Pade, M.D.
Co-assistant director, Pediatric Emergency Ultrasound Program

Other Faculty from the Department of Emergency Medicine:

Colleen Campbell M.D. RDMS
Amir Aminlari, M.D.
Anthony Medak, M.D.
Asia Takeuchi, M.D.

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

The goal of the fellowship is to train leaders in Point-of Care Ultrasound with advanced knowledge and experience in ultrasound education, research and administration. Program graduates will be provided with the tools and expertise necessary to assume Pediatric Point-of Care Ultrasound leadership positions. This main goal is to be achieved through training in 3 areas:

Didactic Education: Provide advanced education in emergency ultrasound through hands-on and interactive, didactic educational opportunities. Rady Children’s Hospital has an annual census of approximately 80,000. This volume provides a large diversity of pathology for a unique educational experience. The fellow will also rotate through the university of California- San Diego medical centers where they will receive training in adult-specific applications.

Research: Provide opportunities for further research in new and established ultrasound applications.

Administration: Gain special expertise to teach and oversee administrative aspects of Point-of Care Ultrasound within the practice of emergency medicine.

More details upon request.

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Not presently

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