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The University of Chicago is a Level 1 Trauma Center located in the heart of the Southside of Chicago. Our emergency department sees over 75,000 patients a year from our diverse and medically underserved populations. The ED is staffed by a diverse group of attendings with a wide range of academic interests. We have one of the oldest, 3 year emergency medicine residency programs in the country with many alumni becoming leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine. While majority of our residency training occurs at our flagship hospital on the University of Chicago campus, our residents also rotate at Comer Children's hospital on campus and in multiple community hospitals in the Northern suburbs.

We are excited to expand our ultrasound program by starting a 1 year Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship program.

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Ultrasound Program Status

University of Chicago Emergency Medicine Ultrasound is a division of the University of Chicago Emergency Medicine Section of the Department of Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

We have three ultrasound fellowship trained faculty that will be the primary instructors for the incoming fellow.

Notable Faculty

Mark Chottiner, MD
Chris Harris, MD
Nadim (Mike) Hafez, MD

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Our mission for the University of Chicago ultrasound fellowship is to train diverse leaders in ultrasound education with a focus on teaching, quality improvement, research, and administration. We place a strong focus on teaching and our hope is that upon graduation, our fellows can bring their ultrasound expertise to any type of emergency department in the country.

Fellows will have weekly 1-on-1 scanning sessions with fellowship-trained faculty. They will have ample teaching opportunities for residents and medical students at both the bedside as well as in conferences. Fellows will have opportunities to get involved with research as well as quality assurance of our ultrasound images. If interested there is opportunities for our fellows to shadow in our Echo lab as well as performing ultrasounds with our Obstetrics department.

Do you bill for ultrasounds?


Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

Yes, when clinically necessary.

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