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The University of New Mexico offers a one year training program to fine tune the ultrasound skills obtained during EM residency. Fellows work at both the only level one trauma center, the community site just north of Albuquerque, with an opportunity to work in the dedicated pediatric Emergency Room.

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Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Emergency Medicine within the Department of Emergency Medicine

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Notable Faculty

Wendy Hanna, MD: Ultrasound Fellowship Director
Amanda Medoro, MD: Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Director
Tamara Barrett, MBA, RDMS: Clinical Ultrasound Director

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Our goal is to provide our fellowship graduates with the ultrasound skills to practice a diverse range of clinical opportunities from single coverage in rural Alaska to high-volume high acuity level 1 trauma centers.

Our curriculum includes all the topics recommended by the EUFAC accreditation. In addition, we focus on advanced echocardiography topics from diastolic failure to valvular abnormalities and many topics in-between. Fellows will also become facile in TransEsophageal Echocardiography both in the Emergency Department and the ICU. This training is delivered by our ASCeXAM certified Fellowship Director and several of our triple boarded Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Advanced Esophageal Echocardiography physicians.

Our curriculum includes weekly in-person didactics delivered by our Ultrasound Fellowship trained EM physicians or our Critical Care physicians who hold an additional board designation in either Critical Care Ultrasound or Echocardiography. Fellows participate in 1:1 private clip review and then resident / medical student clip review each week. In addition to independent scanning within the emergency department or ICU, there is also weekly dedicated scanning time with ultrasound faculty.

In addition to didactic training, clip review and hands-on scanning, there is a monthly Ultrasound Journal Club and Research Meeting. While we try to have these meetings over dinner, this is dependent upon the current local Covid transmission.

Do you bill for ultrasounds?

Current in the process of billing for all providers. The ultrasound faculty is able to bill for ultrasounds.

Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

We do not routinely require follow up imaging for patients who receive point-of-care ultrasounds in the emergency department. Incidental findings are followed up based on the urgency of the finding with either further in-patient or out-patient imaging.

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