SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital Center

Program Description

Type of Program

Post EM Residency 1-year fellowship
EM residency since 1995
EM/IM residency since 2002
ED combined census = >190,000 annual patient visits

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Department of Emergency Medicine
Division of Emergency Ultrasound

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:


Notable Faculty

Ninfa Mehta MD MPH
Walter Valesky MD
Andrew Aherne MD
John Kilpatrick MD
Scott Kendall MD
Randi Ozaki MD
Catherine Bon MD
Amy Sanghvi MD
Teresa Smith MD
Joshua Schecter MD
Michelle Dimare MD
Marie- Laur Romney

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Weekly meeting with lectures, video review, journal club and hands-on instruction.
Clinical shifts and dedicated scanning shifts in the ED with supervision of rotating residents and students
Completion of publishable research project
Assistance in medical student education at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine

Do you bill for ultrasounds?

Yes, at one of our two hospitals

Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

Not required

Other Information

Strong collaborative relationship with Department of Cardiology with joint research meetings and echo review.

Opportunity to teach courses to faculty, residents, medical students, nurse anesthestists, nursing students and mid-level practitioners.

Opportunity for international travel with bi-annual course in India, and developing teaching opportunity in Central America.