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Type of Program

We offer fellowship for EM and IM trained individuals. If you are from internal medicine and want specific information, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Panebianco directly.

We are currently offering 1-year and 2-year fellowship slots. The 1-year fellowship is aimed at mastery in the practice, teaching, research, and administration of Emergency Ultrasonography. The 2-year fellowship will include enrollment in any the highly-regarded Masters programs at HUP including but not limited to the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB) to obtain a Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology for formalized training in research methodology ( . In addition to an advanced degree, the second year of the 2-year fellowship will involve a more supervisory and administrative role with teaching of students, residents and the first-year fellow, as well as involvement in QA and other administrative activities.

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Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Ultrasonography within the Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:


Notable Faculty

Nova L. Panebianco, MD MPH: Ultrasound Director, Fellowship Director
Anthony J. Dean, MD: Ultrasound Director, Emeritus
Wilma Chan, MD, EdM: Director of US in Medical Education
Isaac Matthias, MD: Interim Director of IM Ultrasound Fellowship
Paul Wallace MD: IM Ultrasound Fellowship Faculty
Felipe Teran, MD: Focus on resuscitative ultrasound and TEE
Cameron Baston MD: Director of IM Ultrasound, Pulmonary and Critical Care Faculty
Christy Moore, RDMS/RVT: Award winning ultrasound tech and Sonographer Educator

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

The Ultrasound Division meets weekly for research meeting and video review sessions. Our research meeting is designed to be a think-tank for the creation of compelling research ideas, a place where methods and subject recruitment can be discussed, and is led by a research coordinator who keeps the Division on task. At each meeting a PhD level statistician participates in the discussion of statistical design and research methods. Afternoon video review sessions include didactic lectures, visual-pattern recognition review, and hands-on skill training for medical students, rotating residents, interested faculty, and critical care and Peds EM fellows who also receive their bedside ultrasound training through our program.
Fellows are required to have a weekly scanning shift. In the beginning of fellowship this is directly supervised by ultrasound faculty. As the fellow becomes more confident with scanning in the core point-of-care modalities this time may be used for research activities or for scanning outside the department. We have relationships with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, cardiology, ob/gyn, and rheumatology who can broaden the educational scope of our fellows.
Based on the philosophy that "one learns by teaching", fellows are deeply involved in the Ultrasound Division's various mentorship and educational commitments. At Penn, we have a fully integrated vertical ultrasound curriculum in the Perelman School of Medicine and our EM Ultrasound Division runs this course. Fellows are expected to create lectures and teach at hands on sessions with the medical students. Our division is responsible for introductory lectures and hands-on training for IM/Critical Care, Trauma, Global Health and CHOP residents and faculty. Fellows lecture and proctor hands-on sessions in all of these venues. The ultrasound director attends these sessions to provide guidance and feed-back. Additionally, HUP ED residents have a 1 month dedicated 200 hours of scanning rotation, and a sub-internship for medical students. Our fellows become exceptional teachers at the bedside and with didactics through the multiple avenues and levels of teaching supported by our Division.
Fellows are mentored by the Director in all aspects of research, and have access to the extensive resources and experience in clinical research with our Department.

The ED ultrasound fellowship has partnered with the Division of General Internal Medicine and the Section of Hospital Medicine to offer the first of it's kind IM ultrasound fellowship tailored to internal medicine or subspecialty trained physicians. Utrasound training and research will be overseen by the experienced ED ultrasound faculty and clinical time will be spent on the hospitalist service. Hospitalist clinical time will average less than 20 hours per week.

Details of the ED based portion of the program are described above but there will be opportunities to engage in research and teaching opportunities specific to internal medicine.

Current and prior IM trained fellows in the ED based programs have come from pulmonary/critical care and nephrology fellowships, but this pathway would also be valuable for cardiology or rheumatology fellowship graduates or recent IM graduates who plan a career in medical education, outcomes research or international health.

Do you bill for ultrasounds?


Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

Only for faculty in the practice training track.

We have restricted and unrestricted privilege categories. Faculty members with restricted privileges in specific applications do not need follow up studies in those applications. Faculty members with unrestricted privileges get follow up imaging studies as and when they think they are clinically indicated.

Other Information

Prior Fellows and Current Location:

2018-2019: Alex Bonnell - Internist, Ultrasound fellowship trained. VA Hospital, Philadelphia.

2018-2019 Courtney Cassella - Director of Emergency Ultrasound. Reading Hospital.

2018-2019 Anubhav Kumar - Nephrologist, Ultrasound fellowship trained - UVA.

2018-2019 Isaac Matthias - Internist, Ultrasound fellowship trained - University of Pennsylvania Hospitals.

2017-18 Andrew Pellet - Completed ultrasound fellowship and is a current Surgical Critical Care fellow at Columbia hospital in NYC.

2017-18 Nathaniel Reisinger - Nephrologist and Ultrasound fellowship trained - Cooper Hospital, NJ.

2016-17 Elizabeth Krebs - Jefferson University Hospital

2016-17 Cameron Bastion - IM Critical Care fellow with a focus on point of care ultrasound

Ibrahim Showaihi - Visiting Scholar and Ultrasound Fellow from Saudi Arabia.

2015-17 Danielle Matilsky - Jefferson University Hospital
2015-17 Elizabeth Hall -Zanzibar Ultrasound Project/Locums

2014-16: Abiola Fasina (2-year fellow obtaining a Masters in Health Policy)

2013-15: Christiana Olaru MD, (2-year fellow obtaining an MSCE)

2013: Adel Alghamdi MD -Visiting Scholar and Ultrasound Fellow from Saudi Arabia.

2012: Alfred Cheng, MD (2-year fellowship position obtaining MSCE, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania), Kenneth Cody, MD (Former Assistant Professor, Co-director of Simulation and Residency Director New York Medical College / Metropolitan Hospital)

2011: Alfred Cheng, MD (see above) Jonathan Fischer, MD (Faculty at Methodist Hospital - Thomas Jefferson University Hospital)

2010: J. Matthew Fields, MD (Ultrasound Fellowship Director, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital), Kenton Anderson, MD (Air Force Commitment)

2009: Alessandro Mangili, MD (Co-Director of Emergency Ultrasound Division and Ultrasound Fellowship, Associate Professor at Oregon Health and Science University) Katherine Jenq, MD (Faculty at Pennsylvania Hospital)

2008: Nova Panebianco, MD MPH (Director of Ultrasound, Ultrasound Fellowship Director, Associate Professor, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania)

2007: Geoffrey Hayden, MD (Co-Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Roper Emergency Physicians)

2006: Bon Ku, MD MPP (Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital)

2005: Michael Levinson, MD (Ohio Private Group Practice)