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Georgetown and Washington Hospital Center began an Emergency Medicine Residency in 2005 and will graduate our first class of eight residents in July 2009. MedStar: Georgetown and Washington Hospital Center is a world-renowned transplant center for Adults and Pediatrics, Regional Stroke Center with NIH stroke fellows, Regional Level I Trauma and Burn Center. Washington Hospital Center has an annual volume of 80,000 with 907 inpatient beds and 84 critical care beds. Georgetown has an annual volume of 30,000 with 350 inpatient beds. The ED is staffed by a diversified academic attending group and is the training center for the Georgetown Washington Hospital Center emergency medicine residency-training program, affiliated with the University of Georgetown Medical School. The Fellowship Program expanded in 2010 to include the MedSTAR North Hospitals: Union Memorial and Franklin Square Hospital. The addition of the Baltimore Emergency Departments and facilities provides the Ultrasound Fellow an opportunity to teach at a community hospital as well as the academic hospitals of the District of Columbia

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Division of Emergency Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine

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Notable Faculty

Kerri Layman, MD, RDMS FACEP
Carolyn Phillips, MD, RDMS FACEP
Cory Wittrock, MD FACEP
Elizabeth Pontius, MD RDMS FACEP
Kathryn Voss, MD
Erika Page, MD

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

The fellow will be exposed to a diverse patient population between Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University in Washington, DC and Union Memorial Hospital/ Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The Clinical Simulation Center provides the opportunity to teach Georgetown faculty, residents, RNs and medical students the art of ultrasound on central line, pelvic, and trauma simulation models.

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Not for credentialed Emergency Medical Physicians

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