Boston Medical Center/Boston University

Program Description

Type of Program

The fellowship is a one year position with an appointment as Clinical Instructor in the Boston University School of Medicine. Clinical responsibilities and scanning are performed at Boston Medical Center, a level I trauma center with over 120,000 visits per year.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

The academic appointment is to the Department of Emergency Medicine, Division of Emergency Ultrasound

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:


Notable Faculty

Megan Leo, MD
Andreas Dewitz, MD, RDMS
Meera Muruganandan, MD
Joseph Pare, MD, MHS, RDMS

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Fellows work approximately 16 clinical hours per week (2 shifts) as an attending physician in the department supervising residents and medical students.

In addition, it is expected that there are 8-10 hours/ week non-clinical bedside scanning shifts for training either completed with the ultrasound fellowship director or with the junior residents on their rotation.

Image Review is conducted on a weekly basis where all recorded images for the department are reviewed. These sessions are approximately 4 hours/ week. The fellow is responsible for sending out all feedback on scans to the residents and faculty on a weekly basis.

Other resources include structured study materials and expectation of involvement in ultrasound research.

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