Cook County - NorthShore Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

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Cook County/NorthShore:
Our one-year multi-center Emergency US Fellowship combines the resources of a busy urban public teaching hospital with the experiences of an active community hospital system. Our original fellowship was birthed in 2010 at Cook County Hospital, a setting that cares for over 130,000 patients per year and trains 72 EM residents in our storied EM Residency that originated in 1988. The Emergency Ultrasound Division at Cook County Hospital has respected and productive relationships throughout the institution and has trained faculty, residents, and fellows in POCUS throughout our institution, including Medicine, Trauma, MICU, and SICU. Our Fellows have opportunities to scan and collaborate with faculty in our intensive care units, Trauma/ Trauma ICU, Echo lab, Anesthesia/Pain service, Radiology, and our inpatient procedure service. Cook County enjoys a rich academic community with our other Fellowships in Toxicology and Simulation, and there are many opportunities to foster joint projects and share creative ideas for academic scholarship. We dare say our Simwars should not outdo our Sonogames! Our academic affiliation with Rush Medical College provides unlimited opportunities for teaching and engaging the next generation of emergency physicians. Additionally, our active Research Associate program provides support for research and academic projects.
Beginning in 2019 we welcome the addition of NorthShore Hospital to our Fellowship, a healthcare network that combines the resources of 4 major hospitals in north Chicago, including Evanston Hospital, Glenbrook, Skokie, and Highland Park Hospitals that combine to provide a cumulative patient volume of 128,000 and another 60 emergency medicine faculty. The NorthShore healthcare system has a strong academic presence in Chicago, hosting Emergency Medicine residents from across the city, and is well known for its Grainer Center for Simulation and Innovation (GCSI). This promising partnership expands our network of relationships to provide a broader professional network for mentoring, teaching, and research. See:
And lastly, Chicago itself provides a huge network of academicians and physicians with unlimited opportunities for networking and collaborating, surrounded by 6 emergency medicine residencies and an active and productive POCUS community.
Two busy and productive Ultrasound divisions, a medical school affiliation, a variety of ultrasound resources, an active research associate program that provides resources for academic projects, and a host of relationships throughout the greater Chicago area makes the Cook County Northshore fellowship an active, dynamic, and promising training ground.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Emergency Ultrasound within the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

6 full-time, 3 part-time/adjunct ultrasound faculty

Notable Faculty

Jennifer Rogers, MD.
Interim Ultrasound Division Director and Program Director
Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical College.
Dr. Rogers is EM US Fellowship trained at Cook County in 2014 after graduating EM residency from Brown University in Rhode Island. Dr. Rogers has been involved in ultrasound education regionally with ICEP, nationally with ACEP and internationally with SMACC.

Cliff Rice, MD.
Ultrasound Fellowship Site Director, NorthShore University Health System.
Dr. Rice completed his residency in Emergency Medicine in 2008 and a fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound in 2009 at Denver Health. Following fellowship, Dr. Rice accepted an attending positions at NorthShore University Health System where he has played an integral role in the training and education of residents from the University of Chicago and Cook County emergency medicine residency programs. On a national level, Dr. Rice has had the honor of presenting and directing hands on ultrasound sessions at ACEP scientific assembly, and is currently co-director of ultrasound education for the Rocky Mountain Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine.

Tim Heilenbach MD, RDMS
Division of Emergency Medicine, NorthShore University Health System
Site Director, Cook County Emergency Medicine Residency, NorthShore University Health System
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.
Dr. Heilenbach completed his residency in Emergency Medicine in 1994 at Northwestern University. As a faculty at Northshore University Health System since 2000, he has been a part of the Emergency Medicine Residencies of Northwestern, University of Chicago and Cook County. He has served as a hands-on faculty at multiple ACEP and SAEM national conferences. He currently is the Course Director of the ICEP Emergent Procedures Simulation Skills Lab biannual courses.

Gregg Helland, MD, RDMS
Dr. Helland completed his residency in Emergency Medicine in 2011 and a fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound in 2012 at the University of Massachusetts. Upon completion of his fellowship, he became the Director of Continuing Medical Education for the Division of Emergency Ultrasound at the University of Massachusetts. He spent two years in these roles before moving to Chicago to become the Director of Emergency Ultrasound at the University of Chicago for four years where he fully redesigned the training and education of the residents.

Christine Jung, MD.
Director, Cook County/Rush Medical Ultrasound Student Education.
Dr. Jung is EM US Fellowship trained at Boston City and joined the EM faculty at Cook County in 2018.

Brian Cone, MD.
Adjunct Faculty and part-time attending at Cook County. Dr. Cone was EM US Fellowship trained at Cook County in 2014.

Karen Cosby, MD FACEP CPPS.
Adjunct Faculty. Author of 2 editions of leading EM US textbook A Practical Guide to Emergency Ultrasound. One of the early leaders in POCUS and

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Three dedicated Emergency US scan days per week.
ACEP Teaching Fellowship or Research Course.
Optional additional Bedside US Experience in the Cook County ICU's, Echo lab, Anesthesia Department, Radiology, and with the Inpatient Procedure Service.
Dedicated research time.

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Other Information

For the 2019-2020 academic year we will be offering interviews on September 10th, September 19th, September 26 and October 21st. Please submit an application and we will offer interviews after reviewing applications along with 3 letters of recommendation.