University of California, Irvine Medical Center

Program Description

Type of Program

3 year EM residency with Level I trauma center.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Emergency Ultrasound is within the Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

All faculty are credentialed to perform and interpret all aspects of POCUS

Notable Faculty

Beginning in 2015, after finishing his fellowship in ultrasound, Shadi Lahham, MD pictured below is the Director of Emergency Ultrasound.

Eric Abrams, MD completed his fellowship at Methodist in 2017. He is joining our faculty to help in all aspects of POCUS.

Warren Wiechmann, MD is the Associate Dean for Clinical Science and

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Fellows perform 1000 scans all of which are digitally recorded in video format. These and the additional 5000 scans that are also recorded and get reviewed each week with the fellowship director for a minimum of 4 hours. Fellows are required to teach ultrasound by lecturing to faculty in other departments, residents, and medical students.

Do you bill for ultrasounds?

Yes. We have an active billing agenda for the past 18 years.

Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

Follow-up imaging not required once fellow is credentialed by the hospital to perform, interpret, and bill for bedside ultrasound. If the ultrasound fellow met the ACEP credentialing criteria in residency, then upon arrival to the fellowship they are credentialed to make decisions. However, there is no pressure to avoid ordering follow-up imaging. In fact, fellows are encouraged to order confirmatory studies whenever they wish.

Other Information

We have 12 IRB approved protocols currently collecting prospective data.