Baylor College of Medicine

Program Description

Type of Program

Level I Trauma Center
Greater than 100,000 ED visits/year

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

We are a part of the Department of Emergency Medicine and a Texas Medical Board approved fellowship

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:


Notable Faculty

Jennifer Carnell, MD
Jeffrey Wuhantu, DO
Anita Rohra, MD

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Fellowship education will include didactic and one-on-one bedside teaching with ultrasound faculty in all core EM modalities, as well as advanced techniques. Current and pertinent ultrasound literature, together with national and international guidelines with respect to Emergency Medicine practice will be thoroughly discussed. Lectures and hands-on teaching to residents and medical students will be expected. Training with cardiology in advanced echo techniques, critical care in ICU use of ultrasound, and pediatric focused ultrasound in Texas Children's Hospital ED, and projects at the Center for Space Medicine, a division of NASA are available during fellowship.

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Other Information

3 enthusiastic Fellowship trained EPs will take you down the rabbit hole for a year of learning, mirth, and merriment.