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Program Description

Type of Program

Stony Brook University Hospital is the major Tertiary Care and Level 1 Trauma center for all of Eastern Long Island (1.5 million) with ~125K visits per year.

What sets us apart is the remarkably talented, invested, and world-renowned faculty here at Stony Brook. The residency program and fellowships are led by outstanding clinician-educators, and the EUS fellowship is no exception. We offer the rare opportunity to collaborate with the Resuscitation & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship led by Scott Weingart, and the International Fellowship associated with Billy Mallon. You cannot get an experience like this anywhere else.

Emergency ultrasound is a small and close-knit community, so we also encourage collaboration with our colleagues in the Tri-State area. We offer conference participation and networking opportunities across the eastern seaboard.

Our Emergency Department gives ultrasound fellows the opportunity to scan a high volume of trauma, critical care, and pediatric patients. Our 3-year Residency Program now has 16 residents per class who are all eager to learn from fellows.

Year Fellowship Started:

In July 2016, we acquired new ultrasound faculty, machines, and departmental support for our revamped fellowship program.

Our first class of Ultrasound Fellows started in July 2017 and had teaching & learning opportunities in Manhattan, Newport RI, Santiago Chile, and Saint Lucia. Upcoming for 2018 includes Brazil, Fiji, Saint Lucia and beyond.

Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Ultrasound, Department of Emergency Medcine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

There are currently 2 US fellowship-trained faculty on staff. Our critical care faculty use ultrasound extensively. All other faculty are credentialed in ultrasound and most use it in their daily practice.

Notable Faculty

Michael Secko, MD, RDMS (Director, Division of Ultrasound)

Scott Weingart, MD, RDMS (Division Chief, Critical Care Medicine)
William "Billy" Mallon, MD (Division Chief, International EM)
Brian Wright, MD (Resuscitation and Acute Critical Care Fellowship Director)
Peter Viccellio, MD (Vice Chairman)
Adam Singer, MD (Research Director)
Mark Henry, MD (Department Chairman)

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

Stony Brook provides outstanding faculty mentors in academic Emergency Medicine.

Our ultrasound fellows will become strong clinicians and teachers as well as experienced sonographers.

Fellows will have full research support to develop and execute academic projects.

Unique opportunities to collaborate with other Fellowship Programs, critical care clinical emphasis, and international travel.

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