Harbor - UCLA Medical Center

Program Description

Type of Program

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is a Level I trauma center in Los Angeles County, California, and has a highly-regarded and fully-accredited 4-year Emergency Medicine residency training program.

Other fellowships include research, EMS, PEM, administration and medical education.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Active. Several thousand training exams are recorded per year. Our exams are entered in the hospital information system alongside radiology, cardiology and OB/GYN exams.

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

Several fellowship-trained, but most faculty are ultrasound trained and credentialed.

Notable Faculty

Timothy Jang, M.D. (fellowship trained)
Teresa Liu, M.D. (fellowship trained)
Manpreet Singh, M.D. (fellowship trained)
Jonathan Birnbaum, M.D.
Dennis Hsieh, M.D.
Mike Peterson, M.D. (fellowship trained)
Eleanor Oakley, M.D. (fellowship trained)
Zahir Basrai, M.D. (fellowship trained)
Joyce Wang, M.D. (fellowship trained)

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

The curriculum is based on the ACEP Ultrasound Fellowship Guidelines with the following:
- Coordinate weekly image review, journal club and mini-lectures for ultrasound division.
- Perform weekly scan shifts (asynchronous and one-on-one)
- Attend / teach at national & regional ultrasound conferences.
- Coordinate and teach at resident (multi-disciplinary) & medical student rotations.
- Present grand round presentation at department and local conferences.
- FOAMed / FOAMus contribution to emDOCs.net US Probe series.

Do you bill for ultrasounds?


Do you require follow up imaging for patients who get ultrasounds?

No. In many cases, operative and other medical decisions are made solely on emergency department ultrasounds, which are uploaded onto the PACS.

Other Information

- Sponsorship to complete concurrent masters degree at UCLA (MPH, MPP, MS, etc.).
- Strong research support with requirement to complete one project.