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Program Description

Type of Program

Hartford Hospital's Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship offers a one year position with an appointment as Clinical Instructor for the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Fellowship responsibilities including scanning, image review and teaching are performed at Hartford Hospital, a level 1 trauma center with over 100,000 visits annually. Clinical responsibilities are split between Hartford Hospital and the Hospital of Central Connecticut, a smaller community hospital in nearby New Britain, CT.

Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Division of Emergency Ultrasound, Department of Emergency Medicine

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

4 (with several affiliate faculty)

Notable Faculty

Felix Pacheco, MD
Trent She, MD
Adam Wise, MD
Seth Lotterman, MD
Henry Chicaza, MD (affiliate faculty - US Director at Connecticut Children's)
Meghan Herbst, MD (affiliate faculty - US Director at UConn Health)

Ultrasound Fellowship Education

-Fellows spend approximately 10 hours per week scanning in the Emergency Department. This time is spent with ultrasound faculty, teaching the rotating ultrasound team, or scanning independently.
-Fellows spend 4-8 hours per week with the Ultrasound Division on image review and QA.
-Journal article review every 1-2 weeks with faculty and rotating residents.
-An Ultrasound Journal Club is held about every 3-4 months
-Up to 10 hours per week are reserved for research.
-Fellows spend approximately 15 clinical hours per week as an attending physician.
-Fellows are provided with an electronic textbook (Mallin/Dawson) as well as a yearly curriculum to follow.

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Other Information

We are fully EUFAC-accredited and graduating fellows will have the ability to take the ABEM FPD exam in Advanced EM Ultrasound. Three of our faculty have already taken and passed this examination.