Stanford University /Stanford Health Care

Fellowship Director


Co-Director: Kenton Anderson, MD

Co-Director: Youyou Duanmu, MD

EM Residency:

Dr. Anderson: Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Duanmu: Mount Sinai School of Medicine - Beth Israel

Years in Position:

Dr. Anderson: 3

Dr. Duanmu: 0


Not required.

Prior National Positions:

Dr. Anderson: Past SAEM AEUS board of directors, current ACEP Alternate Councilor

Other Information:

Other US faculty:
Visual Diagnosis in EM - Associate Editor
WestJEM Ultrasound Section Editor - current
SAEM AEUS board of directors - past
CalACEP US instruction - past
CalENA and ENA US Director - past
EMREF US Course Director - past