John Peter Smith Hospital

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 Year


Very competitive; 8-10 clinical shifts/month

Additional Funds

Educational Budget; Computer

Number of Clinical Hours:

60/Month (Minimum)

Other Duties

Approx 1 scan shift/week. Goal is 1000-1200 ultrasound scans over the course of the fellowship.

Number of Sites

JPS Hospital; Ft Worth, TX

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

ACEP Ultrasound Mgt Course
TEE Training & NBE ASCeXAM
International Conference
Local teaching opportunities

Educational Experience

Fellows will assist with resident and medical student ultrasound education, learn to run the intern ultrasound rotation by the end of their training, develop their own core lecture series, assist the director with core duties, attend ACEP Ultrasound Management Course, and received advanced training in pediatrics, echocardiography, critical care, and regional anesthesia.

Deadline for fellowship application:

Follows NRMP schedule.

Fellows chosen: