Resurrection Medical Center

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


Paid on hourly basis as clinical faculty

Additional Funds

Full benefits package including: medical, dental, vision, short and long-term disability and life insurance, 401K retirement package, partnership opportunities

Number of Clinical Hours:

~8 clinical shifts/month

Other Duties

-5 scan shifts/month with only ultrasound and no patient care responsibilities

-Coordinating/teaching ultrasound workshops for EM residents and faculty

-Implementation of independent research project from research design to manuscript submission for publication

Number of Sites

One or Two (AMITA Health Resurrection- primary, AMITA Health St. Francis- secondary)

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Moonlighting opportunities are available

Educational Experience

The fellow will be responsible for:

(1) Clinical shifts: providing patient care to all emergency patients while acting as an instructor and supervising attending physician to all emergency medicine as well as off-service residents.

(2) Ultrasound: The fellow will become an expert in the "big six" emergency ultrasound modalities (cardiac, biliary tract, renal, EFAST, vascular access, and pelvic) in addition to other common and novel EM ultrasound uses including: scrotal, ocular, DVT (upper and lower extremity), musculoskeletal, thoracic, regional anesthesia, IVC diameter, advanced echo, and fracture reduction.

Deadline for fellowship application:

Nov 10

Fellows chosen: