University of Nebraska

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

EUFAC Accredited Fellowship Position -- 1 year -- We are a EUFAC accredited fellowship and only accept ABEM boarded or eligible candidates. Graduates from our program that are ABEM board certified are eligible to apply for the ABEM Focused Practice Designation for Advanced EM Ultrasonography at the end of fellowship.


$150K plus generous benefits
4 weeks vacation

Additional Funds

CME funds
Fellows attend ACEP's Emergency Ultrasound Management Course

Number of Clinical Hours:

Clinical - 8 Shifts/Month (9 Hour shifts)
Fellowship duties - 10 to 12 shifts/month
Internal moonlighting available

Other Duties

Medical student POCUS Education - Scan Labs
Resident POCUS education - Bedside teaching/Lecture/Scan Labs/Simulation/Image Review
Faculty POCUS education - Bedside teaching/Scan Labs
Administrative duties - QA Process/Program Development
Research/Scholarly Activity

Number of Sites

The fellow will work at both the Academic center (NMC) an community hospital ED (BMC).

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

2018 - POCUS course - Lima, Peru
2019 - POCUS lectures - Changsha, China
2020 - 2021 - Remote video lectures - Changsha, China

We continue to foster international relationships and expect to have international teaching opportunities continued in the future.

FOAMED development -

Educational Experience

Weekly fellows will learn under the direction of core faculty. This education occurs through several modalities.

Standardized patient labs:
We utilize standardized patients during regular didactic sessions in which the fellow will hone their clinical ultrasound skills. These sessions allow for skill development in a low-pressure setting. Fellows can focus on basic to advanced technical skill development during these sessions without external distractions.

We utilize DIY, low-fidelity, and high-fidelity simulators to practice procedural skills and teach pathology. Education occurs on vascular models, nerve block models, Simbionix simulators (3D Systems simulators x 2) and intelligent ultrasound simulators [Bodyworks Eve (1), Heartworks (1), Scantrainer (1), and Babyworks(1)], pacerman, and pericardiocentesis simulators.

Department scan shifts:
Fellows perform scan shifts in the department assisting in clinical care. During these shifts the fellow may be working with core US faculty and have exposure to their clinical US expertise and implementation; or they may serve as the clinical US expert assisting residents and other attending faculty with clinical US utilization in patient care.

Cadaver labs:
Periodically we practice ultrasound guided procedures on lightly embalmed cadavers. This occurs in conjunction with other specialties or with the EM residency.

Outside department education:
Fellow education is augmented through experiences outside the department:

Vascular lab: Upper and Lower extremity DVT: Arterial ultrasound
Ob/Gyn Department: Pregnancy ultrasound
Rheumatology (IM department): MSK ultrasound
Sports Medicine: MSK ultrasound
Echocardiographer: Advanced cardiac ultrasound

Image Review

Weekly ultrasound education day:
* 2 hours - Scan with ultrasound fellowship core faculty - see above activities
* 30 minutes - Didactic whiteboard discussion
* 2 hours - Image review with ultrasound fellowship core faculty
* Quarterly POCUS Case conference



Deadline for fellowship application:

July 1st - October 1st


Fellows chosen:

We participate in the SCUF NRMP match that occurs in November.