Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


More info on benefits:

Additional Funds


Number of Clinical Hours:

(8-hr shifts)

Other Duties

- Resident and medical student scanning shifts
- Contribution to undergraduate medical education curriculum
- Help moderate bi-monthly residency ultrasound rounds
- Lead monthly medical student Ultrasound Interest Group sessions
- Design and carry out original research for abstract submission and eventual publication

Number of Sites

University Hospital in Newark, NJ

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

- Dr. Alerhand serves as Director for the Israeli Association of Emergency Medicine's (IAEM) Critical Care Ultrasound Workshop in Tel Aviv in March. The fellow is invited to serve as faculty.

- The Emergency Medicine department holds monthly Research Committee meetings. The Fellow is invited to present his design and/or findings to receive feedback and departmental support.

- Dr. Alerhand serves as Editor of the US Probes section ( The website receives up to 9,000 views per day. The fellow is invited to submit articles.

- The Director of Business Operations for the Emergency Department, Dr. Anthony Rosania, is directly involved with all aspects of ultrasound billing and revenue.

Educational Experience

- Education is primarily supervised by core faculty of the Ultrasound Division within the Department of Emergency Medicine.

- Other services providing education and resources include:

- Medical Intensive Care: critical care ultrasound with intensivists
- Cardiology: echocardiography case review
- Cardiac Anesthesia: trans-esophageal echocardiography in the operating room
- Regional Anesthesia: elective for developing expertise with nerve blocks
- Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: musculoskeletal ultrasound



Deadline for fellowship application:

Fellows chosen: