Jacobi Medical Center

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


$135,700 / year

Additional Funds

$2,500 + DEA reimbursement + additional for academic conferences.

Number of Clinical Hours:

20 hours / week, 860 hours / year

Other Duties

- Resident and medical student scanning shifts
- Help moderate monthly residency ultrasound rounds
- Design and carry out original research for abstract submission and eventual publication

Number of Sites

NYC H+H | Jacobi, Bronx NY - primary with additional clinical responsibilities at NYC H+H | North Central Bronx

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

-Global Health JAHJAH jahjahfoundation.org, founded by Dr. Dixon, Director of Emergency Ultrasound at Jacobi

Educational Experience

Education is primarily supervised by core faculty of the Ultrasound Division within the Department of Emergency Medicine.

Other services providing education and resources include:
-Medical Intensive Care: critical care ultrasound with intensivists
-Cardiology: echocardiography case review
-Cardiac Anesthesia: trans-esophageal echocardiography in the operating room
-Regional Anesthesia: elective for developing expertise with nerve blocks
-Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: musculoskeletal ultrasound
-OB/Gyn: advanced obstetric ultrasound

Image Review

Weekly Gel Rounds



Deadline for fellowship application:

August 17, 2022 12 PM ET Emergency Ultrasound Match Opens

September 21, 2022 12 PM ET Ranking opens

November 2, 2022 9 PM ET Rank order list certification deadline

Fellows chosen:

November 16, 2022 12 PM ET Match Day