Kaweah Health, Department of Emergency Medicine

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


Competitive. Level I Vituity Partner.

Additional Funds

$3, 000 per year CME travel stipend

Number of Clinical Hours:

80 hours per month

Other Duties

The fellow will have the opportunity to strengthen their administrative skills in a very supportive environment to better prepare their ability to become an ultrasound director.

Number of Sites


Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

There are several other Vituity staffed hospitals in close proximity to Kaweah Health primarily staffed by Kaweah Health EM residency graduates. These provide opportunities both for moonlighting and to develop US leadership roles.

Educational Experience

Our US fellowship enjoys a good working relationship with all hospital departments. There are opportunities to benefit from working directly with cardiac ultrasonographers and echo board-certified intensivists.

Image Review

Scanning shifts are scheduled concurrently with members of the ultrasound faculty. Additionally, fellow images are reviewed by faculty, and directed feedback is provided.



Deadline for fellowship application:

The fellowship application and all aspects of the clinical ultrasound fellowship adhere to NRMP guidelines.

Fellows chosen:

Unmatched in 2023