Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

One Year


Salary is based on half time faculty salary with benefits including CME.

Additional Funds

The benefits package is generous and includes CME for travel and conference expenses, health care, car, and renter's or home insurance reimbursement. Paid vacation time is included in the benefits package.

Number of Clinical Hours:

Clinical hours correspond to half time clinical faculty. Currently this is 7.5 9-hour shifts per month of clinical duty.

Other Duties

The fellow is required to perform clinical hours as described above. All other duties are solely based on the fellowship requirements.

Number of Sites

All clinical duties will be performed at the Medical College of Georgia. Fellowship activities may be performed in various locations depending on the focus of the fellowship.

Number of Positions per year:

One (generally)

Additional Opportunities

Additional opportunities exist for assisting or teaching in training courses. These are not required parts of the fellowship.

Educational Experience

Fellows develop hands on ultrasound skills as well as the administrative duties that are involved with running an emergency ultrasound program.

Upon completion of the program, the fellow will be able to obtain RDMS certification, be able to competently run an emergency ultrasound program, as well as instruct other physicians in ultrasound techniques.

Depending on the focus in the fellowship, significant experience can be obtained in tactical, disaster, EMS, and international medicine.

International travel is generally included in the fellowship, with teaching and clinical opportunities world-wide.

Deadline for fellowship application:

Fellows chosen: