Stanford University /Stanford Health Care

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

2 years. The traditional 1-year of ultrasound training is augmented with an additional year of specialized training to develop future academic leaders. This additional training is tailored to the fellows' academic interests. Most fellows will complete an advanced degree program (MS, MPH, etc...); others may elect to complete other specialized training (e.g. biodesign and innovation) during their fellowship.


The Fellowship position has the salary of a half-time Stanford attending faculty (currently $95,000) and the benefits (which are one of the best in the country at full-time FTE).

Additional Funds

Applicants that are enrolled in an advanced degree program will receive up to $25,000/year for tuition.

A fellow educational stipend is available as well as potential for extra income from moonlighting and through our various CME and CE US workshops we do throughout the year.

Extra shifts, if available, will be paid at $1500/shift.

Regular full-time CE faculty benefits: health insurance, etc.

Stanford professional liability (malpractice) coverage.

Additional benefits:
- Licensure costs (pre-tax), California license only
- ABEM registration costs (pre-tax), for qualifying (written) and oral examinations, if taken during the fellowship year
- travel expenses (reimbursed, pre-tax) to ABEM testing, if needed, and if taken during fellowship year
- $3000 faculty development fund (pre-tax)

Number of Clinical Hours:

8 shifts per month (8 hour shifts)

Other Duties

Teaching will be a fundamental part of the Fellowship. Regular workshops are carried out to train faculty, residents and medical students in ultrasound, as well as workshops for EM residents and faculty in our Core Curriculum.

Research - required to be involved in 1 original project

Administrative - required to be involved in 1 original project

US scanning shifts (Adult and Pediatric ED)
International US Education
Coordinate monthly US Journal club
Coordinate weekly US Quality Assurance meetings

Number of Sites

Stanford University - Stanford HealthCare

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Stanford CME workshop 2/year
Quarterly ACEP US Newsletter publications

Educational Experience

We enjoy an exceptional relationship with our Trauma Surgery service, which uses ultrasound routinely, and our Radiology Department has been exceptionally supportive of our ultrasound program. They also have phenomenal high-end didactic education. Our Cardiology Echo Lab has also been highly supportive of our Fellowships and ultrasound research. We will be using these and other resources in our Fellowship.

Image Review

Weekly US QA meetings with faculty to view all stills and clips done by all faculty/residents at Stanford Emergency Department

Deadline for fellowship application:

October 1

Fellows chosen:

Mid November - "US Match Day"