Georgetown University / Washington Hospital Center

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year



Additional Funds

$1083 CME Funding through GME and EM dept
Medical Licensing fees, meal allotment, parking
Full reimbursement of one ultrasound conference annually plus any additional conference you present at.
Additionally, starting 2017, full reimbursed attendance for ACEP ultrasound program management course and ACEP meeting.
Membership paid for SAEM, AEUS, ACEP/ACEP US Section, and AIUM

Number of Clinical Hours:

18 per week/total 72 per month

Other Duties

6 scan shifts per month
Resident Educational Lectures
Faculty and Resident Simulation Lab
RN simulation lab
Georgetown Medical Student Ultrasound Education
Research project
Ultrasound Journal Club Quarterly

Number of Sites

1) MedStar Washington Hospital Center
2) MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
2) Union Memorial Hospital
3) Franklin Square Hospital

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Teaching at Georgetown University SOM pathology course
Clinical Simulation Center Ultrasound modules
Medical Standbys in DC and Baltimore
Echocardiography with Cardiology
TEE with Anesthesia
Capitol Area Ultrasound Quarterly

Educational Experience

The majority of time is spent scanning in the emergency department of MedSTAR South: Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown University. Clinical shifts and scanning opportunities are also available at MedSTAR North: Union Memorial and Franklin Square Hospital with the opportunity to scan Georgetown University Transplant patients and Washington Hospital Center Cardiology patients.

Image Review

Weekly quality assurance image review of digitally recorded images with pictographic feedback



Deadline for fellowship application:

Oct. 30

Fellows chosen:

US Fellowship positions offered annually per EUS guidelines