Emory University

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

One year



Additional Funds


Number of Clinical Hours:

EM: 72 hours per month (47 weeks, 4 weeks vacation, 1 week CME)
PEM: 56 hours per month (47 weeks, 4 weeks vacation, 1 week CME)

Other Duties

Resident education
PEM Fellow Education
Faculty education
Research project
Scanning shifts

Number of Sites

EM: 3
PEM: 2

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Opportunities for involvement in national organizations, as well as teaching in courses both regionally and nationally.

The Emory Department of EM offers a fellowship curriculum for all of the Department's fellows. Monthly lectures topics include:
Developing a research question/ dept resources for research, How to multi-task/ set up calendars, How to give a great lecture, Teaching portfolio, Setting up database/ data collection, CV format, Finding funding, Navigating the IRB, Abstract writing, Chart review and survey basics, Supervision and feedback for house staff/
physician extenders, Administration/Business of EM, How to be an effective teacher, Committees/ getting involved outside the dept, Malpractice/Risk Management, Physician Wellness.

Educational Experience

Primary experience will be with the fellowship director and other ultrasound faculty.
Optional opportunities in the echo lab, pediatric cardiology, radiology or other specialities

Deadline for fellowship application:

September 1

Fellows chosen:

We are currently accepting applications for fellowship