Brigham and Women's Hospital: Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year or 2 years with a Masters Degree (MS, MPH, or MEd) which is paid for by the Department of Emergency Medicine.



Additional Funds

- Department CME funds & faculty benefits
- Ultrasound Division funds available for travel, supplies
- Department seed grants for research projects

Number of Clinical Hours:

8 clinical shifts/month in the Brigham and Women's Hospital or Faulkner Hospital Emergency Department.

Other Duties

Our fellows help with both didactic and hands-on scanning sessions with students, residents, and faculty, as well as helping to coordinate ultrasound conference and journal club. Of note, our fellows encouraged to be involved with a variety of ultrasound division research projects and they are invited to spend one month teaching ultrasound internationally (opportunities exist in various locations including Haiti, Uganda, Rwanda, and Liberia).

Number of Sites

1. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Boston, MA.
2. Faulkner Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Jamaica Plain, MA

This combination provides fellows an opportunity to work clinically at a major referral hospital but also get experience practicing independently at a community site. As an attending physician at BWH, you will supervise EM (PGY 1-4) residents, internal medicine residents, surgical residents, and physician assistants.

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

*Numerous international opportunities exist as well given the department's focus on global health and humanitarian medicine. Division faculty are happy to help facilitate international projects and also have specific ultrasound teaching and potential research opportunities in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, and Haiti.

*Fellows will be provided with ample opportunities to teach ultrasound - both hands-on scanning and formal lectures - locally, nationally, and internationally.

*Numerous additional elective opportunities exist. All of the following are available to the fellow: attending weekly echocardiography lunch-time conferences hosted by the BWH Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, scanning sessions with sonographers in emergency radiology and the echocardiography lab, further transvaginal scanning (with both sonographers and radiologists) in the Department of Radiology.

Educational Experience

Our fellows are expected to learn and to master the following emergency ultrasound applications: trauma, intrauterine pregnancy, AAA, cardiac/advanced echo, biliary, urinary tract, DVT, soft-tissue/musculoskeletal, thoracic, ocular, and procedural guidance. This is achieved through a combination of independent reading/study, dedicated lectures, literature review, and hands-on scanning.

As per ACEP guidelines, the fellow will be expected to meet the fellowship minimum criteria for graduation:

1. A minimum of 800 ultrasound examinations
2. Design at least one research project to be submitted to the home institution review board and start on it during the course of the fellowship
3. At least one abstract should be submitted with the fellow's names as first author and presenter to a national meeting such as ACEP, SAEM, or AIUM during their fellowship
4. The emergency ultrasound fellow should be involved with at least one other ultrasound research project (does not have to be one he/she designed and implemented from the ground up) during their fellowship
5. The emergency ultrasound fellow must be involved with at least one interdepartmental quality assurance work/project.
6. The emergency ultrasound fellow must deliver at least 3 separate lectures on emergency ultrasound to their department (residents and faculty)
7. The emergency ultrasound fellow must attend one national emergency ultrasound section meeting during the year

Deadline for fellowship application:

Please provide a cover letter, your CV, and 3 letters of recommendation. BWH is an equal opportunity employer.

Fellows chosen: