Temple University Hospital

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


$105,000 + fringe benefits; moonlighting available

Additional Funds

CME and additional conference support

Number of Clinical Hours:

720 for EM
915 for IM

Other Duties

Weekly scanning shift(s)
2 research projects (1 IRB approved)
Medical school teaching
Residency education
Presentation/teaching at national meeting

Number of Sites


Number of Positions per year:

2 EM & 2 IM

Additional Opportunities

Ultrasound in Medical Education curriculum at LKSOM
Philadelphia Regional Point-of-Care Ultrasound Conference
APP & Nursing POCUS education

Educational Experience

TEE training, speckle echo, regional anesthesia; simulation center

Image Review

full video uploaded to Sectra & Butterfly cloud



Deadline for fellowship application:

Through SCUF guidelines

Fellows chosen:

Through SCUF guidelines