Alameda County Medical Center - Highland Hospital

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


$75,000 a year

Additional Funds

>$7K CME & business expenses
Full range of benefits (except 401K matching)
Travel expenses to conferences for presentation of research
Funds available by application for ultrasound related activities
Compensation for teaching of outside physicians

Number of Clinical Hours:

Average of 60 hours per month

Other Duties

Weekly scanning shifts
Weekly presentation of "best of video" to ED personnel on shift
Teaching during resident academic conference
Assistance with resident/student ultrasound rotation
Assistance with ED ultrasound QA
Research projects (at least 2 during fellowship)

Number of Sites


Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Outside ultrasound teaching with faculty group
Educational & social gatherings with other Bay Area ultrasound fellowships
Participating in regional, national & international conferences

Educational Experience

Training in Clinical Research course at UCSF
Weekly ultrasound journal club or ultrasound lectures
Weekly scanning shifts, about half of which are proctored
Weekly video review of all ED ultrasound exams
Monthly research in progress meetings

Deadline for fellowship application:

December 1st

Fellows chosen: