Stony Brook Emergency Medicine

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


$120,000 for only 18-20 clinical hours/wk (~9 shifts/month)
faculty pay for overtime clinical shifts

Additional Funds

CME $6300 towards conferences & learning materials of your choice.

Number of Clinical Hours:

920 total clinical hours for the year

Other Duties

Scanning shifts with ultrasound faculty
Resident, Faculty, PA/NP and medical student education
Weekly imaging review sessions
Departmental QA
Research projects
Journal Club
Machine maintenance and tech support
Social Media
Inter-departmental teaching opportunities

Number of Sites


Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Stony Brook Emergency Department supports a Resuscitation & Critical Care Medicine Fellowship led by Scott Weingart, and an International Fellowship under Billy Mallon. Opportunities to combine fellowship experiences, including maximizing critical care time and international travel will be encouraged.

Educational Experience

Deadline for fellowship application:

Fellows chosen:

via Match process