University of Arizona

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 Year


$ 75,000

Additional Funds

CME Funding is provided

Number of Clinical Hours:

6-8 clinical shifts (54-72 hours)/month (internal moonlighting opportunities available)

Other Duties

5 scanning shifts /month
Participate in the weekly ultrasound conference/QA session
Teach faculty, residents and medical students
Coordinate resident ultrasound rotation
Monthly ultrasound lectures to residents and faculty
Organize monthly ultrasound skills workshops
Organize ultrasound journal club
Implement Point-of-Care ultrasound protocols
Complete one original research project
Assist in ongoing quality assurance program
Maintain ultrasound equipment
Participate in Emergency Medicine faculty credentialing program

Number of Sites

Two sites-Banner University Medical Center-Tucson and Banner University Medical Center-South campus

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Educational Experience

Proctored scanning shifts
Advanced and novel ultrasound applications
1,000 scans during the fellowship year
Weekly Ultrasound conference
Journal clubs
Faculty, resident & medical student education
Emergency Ultrasound lecture portfolio
Image management
Ultrasound workflow training
Quality assurance
Credentialing, billing and reimbursement
Up-to-date literature review
Research project development and implementation

Image Review

We use Q-pathE, a web-based image archival system to manage quality assurance, teaching, research, billing, and credentialing. In the Emergency Department, both still images and clips are stored on the ultrasound system hard drive. Worksheets are available on all our ultrasound systems. Worksheets are completed bedside after storing images and clips. Ultrasound examinations and worksheets are wirelessly transmitted in real-time from ultrasound systems to Q-pathE as the exams are performed. Ultrasound examinations performed by credentialed emergency physicians are subsequently transferred from Q-pathE to PACS. Reports are transferred to CERNER EMR and hospital coders.

We hold weekly QA sessions during which previous weeks' ultrasound studies are reviewed as part of the Fellowship education and Emergency Ultrasound QA process. Image review is also possible from home.



Deadline for fellowship application:

Rolling basis

Fellows chosen:

Rolling basis

Graduates of our Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship:

2011-2012 Richard Amini, Travis Jones, and Lori Stolz
2012-2013 Katie OBrien and Austin Gross
2013-2014 Kevin Gaskin and Nicola Baker
2014-2015 Matthew Thompson, Nico Hawbaker, and Nick
2016-2017 Lucas Friedeman, Parisa Javedani, and Summer
2017-2018 Elaine Situ-LaCasse, Josie Acuna, and Steven
2018-2019 Christina Weaver and Kara Samsel
2019-2020 Jeanie Ringelberg, Josie Valenzuela, and
Nicholas Hernandez
2020-2021 Adrienne Yarnish and Mimi Bach
2021-2022 Jeremey Carter, Stephen Haight, Javi Andrade
Jr., and Ian Coe
2022-2023 Jad Dandashi, Brandon Wubben, Ralph Mohty,
Ryan Brzycki, David Haidar, and Paul Koscumb

Current: Irina Hariri, Michael Russo, Kelsey Burson,
Martin Demant, David Wasiak, and Aye Aung