University of Arizona

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 Year


$ 75,000

Additional Funds

CME Funding is provided

Number of Clinical Hours:

6 clinical shifts (54 hours)/month (internal moonlighting opportunities available)

Other Duties

5 scanning shifts /month
Participate in the weekly ultrasound conference/QA session
Teach faculty, residents and medical students
Coordinate resident ultrasound rotation
Monthly ultrasound lectures to residents and faculty
Organize monthly ultrasound skills workshops
Organize ultrasound journal club
Implement Point-of-Care ultrasound protocols
Complete one original research project
Assist in ongoing quality assurance program
Maintain ultrasound equipment
Participate in Emergency Medicine faculty credentialing program

Number of Sites

Two sites-Banner University Medical Center-Tucson and Banner University Medical Center-South campus

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Educational Experience

Proctored scanning shifts
Advanced and novel ultrasound applications
1,000 scans during the fellowship year
Weekly Ultrasound conference
Journal clubs
Faculty, resident & medical student education
Emergency Ultrasound lecture portfolio
Image management
Ultrasound workflow training
Quality assurance
Credentialing, billing and reimbursement
Up-to-date literature review
Research project development and implementation



Deadline for fellowship application:

Rolling basis

Fellows chosen:

Rolling basis