Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Fellowship Program

Length of Fellowship:

1 year


Base salary ~ $135,000 . (Any hours worked over 64 clinical hours a month is paid as overtime)

Additional Funds

License / CDS / DEA - Paid
ACEP/ SAEM dues - Paid
Registration / Hotel / Travel to conferences.

Number of Clinical Hours:

64 clinical hours monthly, anything above is overtime. This is around ~7-8 clinical shifts monthly including ~1 clinical weekend.

Other Duties

Provide oversight of resident / student ultrasound rotation

Regular sessions with fellowship director

Attend all division related administrative meetings

Weekly scan shifts with fellowship director

Lecture to residents during conference

Assist in local and national courses

Perform significant part of QA for the department during second half of fellowship

Assist in developing at least one interdepartmental ultrasound related clinical pathway

One research project to be presented at national meeting

Number of Sites

1 site - Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital - New Brunswick

Number of Positions per year:


Additional Opportunities

Teach courses within and outside the hospital

Participate in educational webinars with other fellowship programs (SonoRoundTable)

Educational Experience

All education primarily provided by Departtment of Emergency Medicine.

Image Review

Still images and video clips are archived for every scan done in the department regardless if educational or diagnostic. All images are sent wirelessly to a web based image server using our workflow management system, Qpath. Worksheets are filled out by the users on the machine at the bedside and submitted for QA. The reviewer can send email feedback to users via Qpath with embedded images and audio voice over. Fellow will be in charge of QA for certain percentage of scans during the fellowship. Fellow and faculty review scans.



Deadline for fellowship application:

October 15, 2022

Fellows chosen:

November during Match