Desert Regional Medical Center




Butki, D., Nelson, G., Khait, L., Virtual Gamification: Resident Response to a Novel Form of Emergency Ultrasound Education. ePoster, SAEM 2022, New Orleans.

"Pseudokidney Sign - POC Ultrasound Diagnosis of Intussusception"
--AAEM Photo Competition Poster Presentation, Las Vegas, NV, March 12, 2019
--DRMC Resident Research Day Poster Presentation, Palm Springs, CA March 20, 2019
--MEMC19 Poster Presentation, Dubrovnik, Croatia, September 23, 2019

"Utility of Ultrasound-Guided Compression of Radial Artery for Noninvasive Assessment of Blood Pressure"
--SAEM Midwest Regional Meeting, September 14 2017.