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Resident Education Experience

Average Number of US


Is there a dedicated US month?

We have developed a longitudinal curriculum that includes intern orientation scan labs, a two-week intern rotation and second year scan shifts. During the intern rotation residents develop skills necessary to perform critical care ultrasound laying the foundation for competency in daily clinical ultrasound. Second years continue to develop critical care ultrasound skills but begin to focus on time saving ultrasound skills. Our curriculum favors them performing clinical scans as they will be expected to do once graduated. By the end of second year our residents are expected to have completed 450 scans and have develop skills and competency for daily implementation of point of care ultrasound. Third year residents are expected to continually use ultrasound in daily clinical practice.

Is there an US elective?

Our curriculum is robust so we discourage elective rotations. We focus on clinical implementation and do not feel that an elective supports this goal. The only exception to this is when a resident shows a keen interest in clinical ultrasound and they they may participate in some advance scanning experience through a short elective.

Number of Residents who went on to become US fellows:


Number of hours Hands-on (i.e. scan shifts)


Number of hours Image Review


Number of hours didactics

Four - 2 hour intern orientation scan labs Asynchronous lectures Image review while on intern ultrasound rotation and PGY 2 scan shifts Simulation/skills labs.

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