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Resident Education Experience

Average Number of US

65 residents rotate yearly through the Ultrasound Rotation: 20 EM residents (EM residents rotate once as a PGY1 and again as a PGY2) 25 IM residents (as PGY3s) 6 Anesthesia residents 6 Family Medicine residents 8-10 Medical students/PA students Each resident is required to complete 100 POCUS exams during their rotation plus any all clinically performed US exams by residents and faculty, average 6500+ pocus exams to review annually

Is there a dedicated US month?

EM residents have two dedicated months, one month as a PGY1, which runs alongside their anesthesia rotation and one month as a PGY2. IM residents have a dedicated month in their PGY3 year. Anesthesia has a dedicated month during their transitional year and/or as a PGY3. Family Medicine residents are offered an US month as an elective to be taken in either their PGY2 or PGY3 year.

Is there an US elective?


Number of Residents who went on to become US fellows:

N/A - we have not graduated our first class of EM residents

Number of hours Hands-on (i.e. scan shifts)

28 per week, (7 hours of supervised scanning time per day, 4 sessions per week)

Number of hours Image Review

2 - 4 per week

Number of hours didactics

4-6 hours per week (1-1.5 hours per scanning shift, 4 per week), not including monthly fellows academic half day conference.

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