Stanford University /Stanford Health Care

Resident Education Experience

Average Number of US

500-1,200 total US recorded per resident

Is there a dedicated US month?

A 2 week intern US rotation is mandatory; A 2 or 4 week Stanford US elective is optional and typically taken by graduating EM residents and medical students

Is there an US elective?

Yes - a 2 week intern US rotation is required. 2-4 week elective in R3 or R4 year is voluntary A 2 week US elective is optional at Stanford's ED and most R4s sign up for the elective. There is also a collaborative US elective with Stanford's IM department. Medical students can do a 2 or 4-week US elective as well

Number of Residents who went on to become US fellows:

2009 - 3 2010 - 1 (Washington) 2011 - 0 2012 - 1 (Carolinas) 2013 - 1 (Washington DC) 2014 - 1 (Stanford) 2015 - 1 (Stanford) 2016 - 0, 2017 - 0, 2018 - 1 (Stanford) 2019 - 0 2020 - 0 2021 - 0 2022 - 0

Number of hours Hands-on (i.e. scan shifts)

Each US faculty do US scanning shifts once per week which is a great opportunity to get one-on-one hands-on training. The US fellow performs one 4hr scan shift per week.

Number of hours Image Review

8 hrs/week every Thursday - includes fellow didactic teaching by US faculty, lunch, and article discussion.

Number of hours didactics

Every fellow receives weekly didactic training by the core US faculty. Resident didactics are variable, and fellows will help teach these didactic sessions; 2 days are dedicated to US education during intern orientation, and residents also receive 2-3 US lectures per year for their core curriculum. Fellows will direct one full US workshop and 4-5 mini-workshops for resident education, 4 US courses for pre-clinical medical student education, 12 US courses for clinical medical students, 2 annual CME workshops, and 2-4 EM faculty development sessions per year. Fellows may also participate in courses for the PICU fellows, surgery residents, nurses, and NP/PA students.

Other Information

Regular workshops are carried out to train rotating residents and medical students in POCUS, as well as workshops for EM residents and faculty in our core curriculum. As part of this training, we meet with residents to review their scans (done here at Stanford as well as the other affiliated institutions - Kaiser, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center) and provide constructive feedback.