University of South Florida

Resident Education Experience

Average Number of US

350. Residents must meet the emergency ultrasound proficiency guidelines set forth by ACEP prior to graduation.

Is there a dedicated US month?


Is there an US elective?

Yes. Residents may chose an US elective each year.

Number of Residents who went on to become US fellows:


Number of hours Hands-on (i.e. scan shifts)

20 per week

Number of hours Image Review

4 per week

Number of hours didactics

5 hours quarterly as part of our Grand Rounds curriculum

Other Information

Ultrasound-centric residency program. Residency PD has spent her entire EM career teaching ultrasound and makes it a priority of the program.

Top Ten SAEM Sonogames multiple years!

The EM Residents and Fellows participate in our own US-Guided Regional Anes. Cadaver Lab twice a year.

An Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound course is held in July for all PGY 1 residents along with dedicated scanning shifts. We also have the Advanced Concentration in Emergency Sonography (ACES) program. Successful participants in this specialized residency curriculum will have the tools upon graduation to assist them in future roles which may include Emergency Ultrasound Director, Academic Faculty member, or Ultrasound Course Faculty.
All ACES participants will have met the residency credentialing guidelines for emergency bedside ultrasound by December of their PGY-2 year and will have completed the requirements for RDMS certification by the end of their PGY-3 year. The rigorous ACES curriculum also requires participation in and development of departmental ultrasound research, ultrasound education, and submission of a written paper for consideration in a peer reviewed journal.