UCLA : Olive View & Ronald Reagan Medical Centers

Resident Education Experience

Average Number of US

50 scans per week while on rotation.

Is there a dedicated US month?

Yes: A 2 week rotation is required in the R1year to develop basic ultrasound skills. We have a flipped classroom model, in which learners are given a curriculum with online didactics and a quiz to be completed prior to the assigned scan shift. We have a core group of ultrasound faculty that lead one scan shift on a weekly basis so that scan shifts are always supervised by a dedicated US faculty member.

Is there an US elective?

Yes: 2 week elective blocks are offered to the R3/R4 class to develop advanced ultrasound skills. Internal medicine and family medicine residents, as well as critical care fellows, usually join us on the elective. In addition to supervised scan shifts in the ED, we use: - Sonosim simulators - Feigenbaum Intro to Echocardiography simulator by KeLabs - UCLA Sim Center with high fidelity simulators like Heartworks and Vimedix

Number of Residents who went on to become US fellows:


Number of hours Hands-on (i.e. scan shifts)

3-5 scanning shifts per week while on the elective rotation.

Number of hours Image Review

3 hours of image review per week.

Number of hours didactics

15-20 hours of didactics (mostly online) per week.

Other Information

5hr didactics during R1 orientation
Monthly US lecture/workshop during residency conference
Very popular M4 rotation (about 25-40 students per year) in clinical ultrasound