Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Resident Education Experience

Average Number of US

Residents far exceed the 150 scans required in ACGME milestones. We perform life and time saving applications. As a department we perform around 3500 scans yearly.

Is there a dedicated US month?

Yes - 1 month elective for residents (Jan-June)

Is there an US elective?

Yes, a four week intensive elective is offered to 3rd/4th year medical students

Number of Residents who went on to become US fellows:

Average of 1 per year (Class size is 6).

Number of hours Hands-on (i.e. scan shifts)

Residents on the ultrasound rotation spend weekday afternoons scanning in the department with the ultrasound fellow as well as ultrasound faculty. Faculty working clinically will call the resident to perform scans when clinically indicated. Residents are also encouraged to scan independently so progress can be analyzed during QA sessions.

Number of hours Image Review

QA sessions are conducted in varied amounts and times. All images performed by non-US fellowship trained faculty/residents are reviewed.

Number of hours didactics

All interns are required to attend a two day intensive introductory ultrasound course during orientation in July. Ultrasound didactics are integrated into monthly resident conference.

Other Information

Interns are expected to master the life-saving applications during their intern year. Interns average about 150 scans on the rotation. At the end of the rotation they are required to take an examination.