Spectrum Health / Emergency Care Specialists

Program Resources

Ultrasound Machines

There are 13 ultrasound machines within our system's 9 emergency departments that are all connected to QPath. (10 Zonare Z.one and 3 Zonare Pro).

There are currently 3 Zonare Z.one machines at Butterworth and 1 Zonare Z.one machine at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, the two primary sites that the ultrasound fellow will perform clinical and teaching shifts.

Ultrasound Probes

Phased, Linear, Curvilinear, and 5 Endocavitary Transducers.

Our endocavitary transducers undergo high level disinfection through a collaborative agreement with our radiology department.

Image Recorder

All our ultrasound exams are digitally recorded and stored in QPath.

Billable exam images and interpretation worksheets are automatically sent to our hospital's PACS system and EMR directly from our ultrasound machines.