Georgetown University / Washington Hospital Center

Program Resources

Ultrasound Machines

2 Sonosite XPorte and 1 Sonosite M-Turbo with wireless DICOM at Georgetown University ED
2 Sonosite XPorte, 2 Sonosite M-Turbos and 2 Sonosite S-FAST with wireless DICOM at Washington Hospital Center ED
1 Sonosite M-Turbo and 1 Sonosite Edge at Franklin Square Hospital ED
1 Sonosite M-Turbo at Union Memorial ED
1 Sonosite M-Turbo and 1 sonosite S-FAST at Washington Hospital Center Simulation Center

Ultrasound Probes

11- C60 General Abdominal Probes
11- P21 Phase Array Probes
11- ICT Endocavity Probes
9- L25 Vascular Probes
4-L38 Larger Vascular Probes

Image Recorder

Wireless DICOM to patient electronic medical record at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown University Hospital