Cook County - NorthShore Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Program Resources

Ultrasound Machines

Our County ultrasound fleet includes:
5 GE Venues
1 M9 Mindray with advanced echo software
1 M7 Mindray
GE handheld V scan
Training with endovaginal probe and instruction in high level disinfection with GE Trophon is provided.

The Northshore ultrasound fleet includes:
4 Sonosite Edge

Our equipment has a complete line of probes including curvilinear, linear transverse, phased array, and endovaginal probes.

Ultrasound Probes

Full complement of probes available 24/7, including curvilinear, linear, phased array, endocavitary, and button linear.

Image Recorder

Image archiving and QA is performed with Qpath. We have recently upgraded to Q Path E.