Henry Ford Health System

Program Resources

Ultrasound Machines

I GE Vivid Q system with speckle tracking /strain capabilities
1 SonoSite X-porte system with complete cardiac package with 5 transducers
3 SonoSite Edge systems with complete cardiac package
1 Zonare z.one ultra Ultrasound system with complete cardiac package including tissue Doppler
1 Venue 40 GE ultrasound system
Access to 5 extra Logic E and SonoSite systems through the Simulation Center
Access to 17 additional SonoSite S-Series systems at the Wayne State University of Medicine

Ultrasound Probes

Curvilinear - 6
Linear - 8
Phased array - 6
Endocavitary 3

Image Recorder

Image storage is completely wireless via Q-path since 2010 with upgrade to latest version Q-Path E. Allows for a more efficient image storage and tracking of images for QA, and statistical analysis.