Kaweah Health, Department of Emergency Medicine

Ultrasound Project

Outside Lectures

Fellows have the ability to participate in Vituity partnership meetings that have a national wide target audience. In 2021, Dr. Henschel led a Vituity webinar on the use of POCUS in critical care for patients presenting with dyspnea. In 2022, Drs. Mitchell and Page participated in a Vituity workshop for POCUS guided regional nerve blocks.

Internal Lectures

Compliant with SCUF requirements of 4 basic and 1 advanced EUS topic. Opportunity to do more.

Ultrasound Courses

No outside courses are required. Ultrasound fellows have the opportunity to attend them, however, to supplement their training.


Fellows, at their discretion, can develop these with any department, e.g. intensivists, to supplement their training.


Kaweah Health was the recipient of a 2019 Vituity Innovation Grant to support the use the Butterfly iQ hand held units in the emergency department.

The purpose of this grant was to develop a comprehensive, regional US program involving nearby Vituity sites, frequently staffed by Kaweah Health EM residency graduates.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work in and develop this regional network.