Nuvance Health - Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Ultrasound Project

Outside Lectures

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine: FAST, Aorta
Dutchess Community College Paramedic Program: E-FAST
Regional EMS Week: RUSH exam, US in Cardiac Arrest
Resusicon: RUSH exam

Internal Lectures

Internal Medicine/Family Medicine have a year long Ultrasound Curriculum including lectures on FAST, Echo, Thoracic, Renal, Volume status assessment, US in Shock, VEXUS, Approach to CHF with Ultrasound, and multiple Pass the Pointer image review lectures

Ultrasound Courses

1. Yearly Basic Ultrasound Course for Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine attendings/physican assistants and nurse practitioners.
2. Yearly Advanced Ultrasound Course for Critical Care and Emergency Medicine practitioners.
3. Year long attending POCUS training tract
4. Quarterly nurse training for US guided peripheral IV placement