Current: John Bailitz
Elect: Resa Lewiss, Started May 2018


Current: Pat Hunt
Elect: Alyssa Abo, Started May 2018


Current: Rob Huang
Elect: Nova Panebianco, Started 2018

Representative Councilors

ACEP Chair: Dan Theodoro
ACEP Past Chair: Rachel Liu
SAEM AEUS Chair: Creagh Boulger
SAEM AEUS Past Chair: Megan Leo
AAEM US Chair: Mark McGee


Elected in Spring of 2016
Nova Panebianco
Rob Huang
Elected in Spring of 2017
Tom Costantino
Alyssa Abo
Elected May 2018
Alan Chiem
Robert Strony
Bret Nelson

Subcommittee Chairs –

Match Development

Jeremy Boyd

Fellowship Development & Accreditation

Sara Damewood
Nova Panebianco

Annual Meeting

Site Lead: Creagh Boughler